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مجموعه جز در دیسک وگ (Jazz On Disques Vogue)

هنرمند : VA
ژانر : Jazz | Swing | Cool | Bop
سال انتشار : 2013
تعداد آلبوم : 20
کدک های صوتی : MP3
بیت ریت : 320kbps
حجم : 2.95GB
امتیاز کاربران : 9.7 از 10 - (میانگین رای 4 نفر)

VA - Jazz On Disques Vogue (20CD) (2013)

Info & Tracklist

Various Artists - Jazz On Disques Vogue: The Perfect Collection - 35 Original Albums (2013) {20CD Sony Music Box Set}
Full Artwork
© 2013 Sony Music / Legacy / Disques Vogue
Jazz / Cool / Bop / Swing / Mainstream Jazz / Early European Modern Jazz

This incredible box sets collects 35 early Jazz albums released on the legendary French Jazz labels: Disques Vogue founded in 1947 and its subsidiary Swing, which was originally established in Paris in 1937 by Charles Delaunay and passed to Vogue in 1948. The music was recorded during the first post WWII decade (1947-1957) and features both American Jazz artists, who visited France or lived in France at the time as well as European Jazz artists. Paris was at the time the European Jazz center, which corresponded splendidly with its status as the European intellectual center, which produced dramatic and groundbreaking developments in European Philosophy, Plastic Arts, Cinema, Literature and of course music. Most of these albums were originally released on 10-inch LPs, which had a time limit under half an hour, and therefore they are arranged here to span over 20 CDs, each well over an hour long. The music was beautifully remastered and sounds remarkably fresh and vibrant.

The list of the performers reads like a who's who of American Jazz at the time: Dizzy Gillespie, Roy Eldridge, Sidney Bechet, Mary Lou Williams, Lee Konitz, Lionel Hampton, Clifford Brown, Jimmy Raney, Oscar Pettiford, Gerry Mulligan, Thelonious Monk, Roy Haynes, Lalo Schifrin and many others. The Europeans (French and Belgian in this case) are represented by Django Reinhardt, Martial Solal, Bobby Jaspar, Henri Renaud, Rene Thomas, Andre Hodeir, Barney Wilen and many others.

Stylistically the music spans quite a wide range of Jazz sub-genres, from New Orleans via Swing, Bee Bop, Cool and Early European Modern Jazz. Of course all of it is absolutely classic stuff as far as Jazz history is concerned and is essentially timeless. The most astonishing discovery, in retrospect, is the fact that the European musicians at that early stage already hold their ground opposite the Americans, showing early signs of a much more open-minded approach and a will to step beyond the American dominated Jazz conventions of the time.

Many of these albums were never before released on CD; some of them are ultra-rare collectors' items since decades. For example the three early Martial Solal releases (collected on CD number 6) are absolutely stunning examples of modern European piano trio recordings, which is decades ahead of its time, as are several other albums in this set.

This is an essential collection for any serious Jazz connoisseur, which covers a huge void in many record collections. This box is worth its price (which is very reasonable) in gold and should serve as an example of how reissue projects should be produced. An absolute must!


    Disc 1:
    Django Reinhardt - Souvenirs de Django Reinhardt Vol. 1 (10" LP)
    Bonus Album: Django Reinhardt - Souvenirs de Django Reinhardt Vol. 2 (10" LP)
    Bonus Album: Django Reinhardt - Souvenirs de Django Reinhardt Vol. 3 (10" LP)

    Disc 2:
    Dizzy Gillespie - Pleyel Jazz Concert vol. 1 - 1948 (10" LP)*
    Bonus Album: Max Roach - Max Roach (10" LP)

    Disc 3:
    Roy Eldridge - Roy Eldridge and his Little Jazz (10" LP)
    Bonus Album: Roy Eldridge - Roy Eldridge joue pour la danse (10" LP)

    Disc 4:
    Sidney Bechet - Bechet Souvenirs (10" LP)
    Bonus Album: Sidney Bechet - On Parade (10" LP)
    Bonus Album: Sidney Bechet - Ambiance Bechet (10" LP)

    Disc 5:
    Mary Lou Williams - Mary Lou Williams Plays in London (10" LP)*
    Bonus Album: Mary Lou Williams - Mary Lou Williams Quartet (10" LP)*

    Disc 6:
    Martial Solal - Martial Solal Trio (10" LP)
    Bonus Album: Martial Solal - Martial Solal Vol. 2 (10" LP)
    Bonus Tracks: Martial Solal - Martial Solal (7" EP)

    Disc 7:
    Lee Konitz - Lee Konitz Plays (10" LP)*

    Disc 8:
    Lionel Hampton - Jazz Time Paris Vol. 4 (10" LP)
    Bonus Album: Lionel Hampton - Jazz Time Paris Vol. 5 (10" LP)
    Bonus Album: Lionel Hampton - Jazz Time Paris Vol. 6 (10" LP)

    Disc 9:
    Gigi Gryce & Clifford Brown Sextet - Jazz Time Paris Vol. 11 (10" LP)
    Bonus Album: Clifford "Brownie" Brown Quartet - Jazz Time Paris Vol. 13 (10" LP)

    Disc 10:
    Bobby Jaspar - Bobby Jaspar's New Jazz (10" LP)
    Bonus Album: Bobby Jaspar - Bobby Jaspar's New Jazz Vol. 2 (10" LP)

    Disc 11:
    Jimmy Raney - Jimmy Raney Visits Paris (10" LP)*

    Disc 12:
    Henri Renaud - Henri Renaud All Stars Vol. 1 (10" LP)
    Bonus Album: Henri Renaud - Henri Renaud All Stars Vol. 2 (10" LP)*

    Disc 13:
    Oscar Pettiford - Oscar Pettiford Sextet Vol. 1 (10" LP)*

    Disc 14:
    René Thomas - René Thomas et son Quintette (10" LP)
    Bonus Tracks: Henri Renaud - Sextius (7" EP)*

    Disc 15:
    The Gerry Mulligan Quartet - 3e salon du jazz, Salle Pleyel juin 1954 (12" LP)

    Disc 16:
    Thelonious Monk - Piano Solo (10" LP)*

    Disc 17:
    Roy Haynes - Roy Haynes Modern Group (10" LP)
    Bonus Album: Jimmy Jones Trio Featuring Roy Haynes & Joe Benjamin (10" LP)

    Disc 18:
    André Hodeir - Essais par le Jazz Groupe de Paris (10" LP)
    Bonus Album: André Hodeir - Musique de films par André Hodeir (10" LP)

    Disc 19:
    Lalo Schifrin - Rendez-vous dansant à Copacabana (10" LP)

    Disc 20:
    Barney Wilen - Tilt (12" LP)*


Disc: 1
1. Minor Swing
2. Swing 41
3. Artillerie Lourde
4. P Che la Mouche
5. Swing Guitars
6. Belleville
7. Douce Ambiance
8. Swing de Paris
9. Babik
10. Swingtime in the Springtime
11. Manoir de Mes R Ves [Django's Castle]
12. Blues en Mineur
13. Swing 39
14. M Lodie Au CR Puscule
15. F Rie
16. D Nette
17. Stockholm
18. Nuages
19. Del Salle
20. Vendredi 13
21. Sweet Chorus
22. CR Puscule
23. Songe D'automne
24. Folie Amphion


Disc: 2
1. 'Round About Midnight [Live]
2. Algo Bueno (Woody'n You) [Live]
3. I Can't Get Started [Live]
4. Ool-Ya-Koo [Live]
5. Afro-Cuban Drum Suite [Live]
6. Things to Come [Live]
7. Oop-Pop-A-Da [Live]
8. Two Bass Hit [Live]
9. Good Bait [Live]
10. Baby Sis
11. Tomorrow
12. Prince Albert
13. Just Moody
14. Maximum


Disc: 3
1. The Heat Is on (TR S Chaud)
2. Fireworks
3. Hollywood Passtime
4. Tu Disais Qu'tu M'aimais
5. Oh Shut Up!
6. Wild Man Blues
7. I'd Love Him So
8. Une Petite Laitue
9. Goliath Bounce
10. Someone to Watch Over Me
11. Ain't No Flies on Me
12. Black and Blue
13. If I Had You
14. L'isle Adam
15. I Remember Harlem
16. Nuts


Disc: 4
1. Kansas City Man Blues
2. Of All the Wrongs You've Done to Me
3. Apex Blues
4. Together
5. Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet
6. Sleepy Time Gal
7. Darling Nelly Gray
8. Sidney's Wedding Day
9. Le Marchand de Poissons
10. Si Tu Vois Ma M Re (Slow)
11. Wabash Blues
12. Dans Les Rues D'antibes
13. Strike Up the Band
14. As-Tu Le Cafard?
15. Pattes de Mouche
16. Ghost of the Blues
17. It's No Sin
18. Because of You
19. That Old Black Magic
20. I Get a Kick Out of You
21. You're Luck to Me
22. Petite Fleur
23. Girl's Dance
24. Blues


Disc: 5
1. Titoros
2. They Can't Take That Away from Me
3. Round About Midnight
4. Perdido
5. Kool Bongo
6. For You
7. Don't Blame Me
8. Lady Bird
9. Titoros [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]
10. They Can't Take That Away from Me [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]
11. Round About Midnight [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]
12. Azur-T
13. Flying Home
14. Nickels
15. Yesterdays
16. The Man I Love
17. Twilight
18. Just One of Those Things
19. Why
20. Yesterdays [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]
21. The Man I Love [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]
22. Just One of Those Things [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]


Disc: 6
1. La Chaloup E
2. The Champ
3. Ramona
4. Dinah
5. Poinciana
6. Farniente
7. Pennies from Heaven
8. Once in a While
9. Signal
10. Midi 1/4
11. Just One of Those Things
12. You're Not the Kind of Boy
13. I Only Have Eyes for You
14. You Stepped Out of a Dream
15. Darn That Dream
16. The Way You Look Tonight
17. My Funny Valentine
18. The Song Is You
19. Ridikool
20. You Go to My Head


Disc: 7
1. I'll Remember April
2. Record Shop Suey (All the Things You Are)
3. Lee Tchee (These Foolish Things)
4. Young Lee (All the Things You Are)
5. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home to
6. 4 PM (These Foolish Things)
7. Lost Henri (I'll Remember April)
8. I'll Remember April [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]
9. I'll Remember April [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]
10. I'll Remember April [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]
11. All the Things You Are [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]


Disc: 8
1. Free Press Oui
2. Blue Panassi
3. Real Crazy
4. I Only Have Eyes for You
5. Walking at the Trocadero
6. Completely Crazy
7. September in the Rain
8. More Crazy
9. Always
10. More and More Crazy


Disc: 9
1. Strictly Romantic
2. Baby
3. No Start, No End
4. Minority
5. Salute to the Band Box
6. It Might As Well Be Spring
7. You're a Lucky Guy
8. The Song Is You
9. Come Rain or Come Shine
10. I Can Dream, Can't I?
11. Blue and Brown


Disc: 10
1. A Foggy Day in London Town
2. Coraline
3. Blossom
4. Paradoxe
5. Mad About the Boys
6. Kabasoutra
7. Sweet and Lovely
8. Aw Valet
9. You Took Advantage of Me
10. Easy to Love
11. Sanguine
12. Jeux de Quartes
13. Hornpipe
14. More Than You Know
15. Early Wake
16. Honky Tonky


Disc: 11
1. Stella By Starlight
2. Pennies from Heaven
3. You Go to My Head
4. Yesterdays
5. There'll Never Be Another You
6. Body and Soul
7. Once in a While
8. Stella By Starlight [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]
9. Stella By Starlight [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]
10. Yesterdays [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]
11. There'll Never Be Another You [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]
12. Body and Soul [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]


Disc: 12
1. I'll Remember April
2. Jerry Old Man
3. Jay Jay's Blues
4. There's No You
5. Out of Nowhere
6. The More I See You
7. Lullaby of the Leaves
8. If I Had You
9. Indiana
10. If I Had You [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]


Disc: 13
1. Burt's Pad
2. Marcel the Furrier
3. Ondine
4. Stardust
5. E-Lag
6. Rhumblues
7. Burt's Pad [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]
8. E-Lag [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]


Disc: 14
1. Burt's Pad
2. Chicago
3. Autobuzz
4. Indiana
5. Get Out of Town
6. 'Tis Autumn
7. Thomasia
8. Sextius
9. Influence
10. Guitaristic
11. Imy
12. Dialogue
13. Clockworm


Disc: 15
1. Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are [Live]
2. Five Brothers [Live]
3. Laura [Live]
4. Love Me or Leave Me/Utter Chaos [Live]
5. Bernie's Tune [Live]
6. Walkin' Shoes [Live]
7. Moonlight in Vermont [Live]
8. The Lady Is a Tramp/Utter Chaos [Live]


Disc: 16
1. 'Round About Midnight
2. Evidence (Reflections)
3. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
4. Well, You Needn't
5. Reflections (Portrait of An Ermite)
6. Wee See (Manganese)
7. Eronel
8. Off Minor
9. Hackensack


Disc: 17
1. Red Rose
2. A Mountain Sunset
3. Laffin' and Crying
4. Minor Encamp
5. Subscription
6. Dillon
7. Easy to Love
8. Little Girl Blue
9. Lush Life
10. Just Squeeze Me
11. My Funny Valentine
12. Good Morning Heartache


Disc: 18
1. Cross Criss
2. Paraphrase Sur Saint-Tropez
3. On a Standard
4. Esquisse, Pt. 1
5. Paradoxe, Pt. 2
6. On a Blues
7. Autour D'un R Cif, Pt. 1
8. Autour D'un R Cif, Pt. 2
9. Saint-Tropez


Disc: 19
1. Moulin Rouge
2. Les Oignons
3. Fascination
4. Cabello Rojo
5. Mon Homme
6. Mambop
7. Pigalle
8. Serenade Mediterraneenne


Disc: 20
1. Blue N' Boogie
2. Nature Boy
3. My Melancholy Baby
4. Night in Tunisia
5. The Way You Look Tonight
6. Hackensack
7. Blue Monk
8. Mysterioso
9. Think of One
10. Blue N' Boogie [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]
11. Nature Boy [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]
12. Hackensack [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]
13. Blue Monk [Alt. Take] [Alternate Take]
14. We See
15. Let's Call This

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