چارلز ویلی‌یرس استنفورد - آثار کامل برای ویولن (Charles Villiers Stanford)

هنرمند : Charles Villiers Stanford
ژانر : Classical
سال انتشار : 2018
تعداد آلبوم : 1
کدک های صوتی : MP3
بیت ریت : 320kbps
حجم : 517MB
امتیاز کاربران : 9.6 از 10 - (میانگین رای 3 نفر)

چارلز ویلی‌یرس استنفورد (Charles Villiers Stanford؛ ۳۰ سپتامبر ۱۸۵۲ – ۲۹ مارس ۱۹۲۴) یک آهنگساز، رهبر ارکستر و مدرس موسیقی اهل ایرلند بود.

او در یک خانواده ثروتمند و اهل موسیقی به دنیا آمد و پیش از آنکه در لایپزیگ و برلین به فراگیری موسیقی بپردازد، در دانشگاه کمبریج تحصیل کرده بود و در دوران دانشجویی، نوازندهٔ ارگ در کالج ترینیتی بود. او یکی از بنیانگذاران کالج سلطنتی موسیقی لندن و همچنین یکی از افراد مؤثر در پیشرفت و شهرت «انجمن موسیقی دانشگاه کمبریج» محسوب می‌شود.

چارلز ویلی‌یرس استنفورد ساله‌ها استاد رشتهٔ موسیقی در دانشگاه کمبریج بود و شاگردان فراوانی را تربیت کرد که از آن جمله می‌توان به رالف وان ویلیامز و گوستاو هولست اشاره کرد.

Charles Villiers Stanford - Complete Works for Violin & Piano (2018) (Alberto Bologni)

Info & Tracklist

Artist: Alberto Bologni
Title: Stanford: Complete Works for Violin & Piano
Year Of Release: 2018
Label: Sheva Collection
Genre: Classical
Total Time: 224:57 min



Violin Sonata No. 1 in D Major, Op. 11 (Sir Charles Villiers Stanford)

01. I. Allegro
02. II. Allegretto moderato
03. III. Allegretto
03. Intermezzi, Op. 13
04. No. 1. Andante espressivo
05. No. 2. Allegro agitato
06. No. 3. Allegretto scherzando


07. Legend


08. Album-Leaf

6 Irish Dances

09. No. 1. The Long Dance
10. No. 2. The Humours of Bandon (A Slow Jig)
11. No. 3. The Ace and Deuce of Pipering (A Reel)
12. No. 4. Jig
13. No. 5. The Rocky Road (A Hop-Jig)
14. No. 6. The Gobby O (A Jig)

5 Bagatelles in Valse Form, Op. 183

15. No. 1 in E-Flat Major
16. No. 2 in G Major
17. No. 3 in D Minor
18. No. 4 in C Major
19. No. 5 in G Major


6 Irish Fantasies, Op. 54

1. No. 1. Caoine, "A Lament"
2. No. 2. Boat Song
3. No. 3. Jig: Allegretto
4. No. 4. War Song
5. No. 5. Hush Song: Larghetto
6. No. 6. Reel

5 Characteristic Pieces, Op. 93

7. No. 1. Cavatina and Scherzo
8. No. 2. Capriccio
9. No. 3. In a Gondola
10. No. 4. Arabesque
11. No. 5. L'Envoi

3 Irish Airs

12. No. 1. The Groves
13. No. 2. The Green Woods of Truigha
14. No. 3. Father Quinn

Irish Dances, Op. 89 (Arr. for Violin & Piano)

15. No. 1. March-Jig (Maguire's Kick)
16. No. 3. The Leprechaun's Dance
17. No. 4. A Reel


6 Irish Sketches, Op. 153

1. No. 1. Reel
2. No. 2. Romance
3. No. 3. War Song
4. No. 4. Melody
5. No. 5. Hop-Jig
6. No. 6. Hush Song

6 Irish Marches

7. No. 1 in G Major
8. No. 2 in D Minor
9. No. 3 in G Major
10. No. 4 in G Minor
11. No. 5 in G Major
12. No. 6 in A Major

An Ancient Melody

13. An Ancient Melody

Planxty Sudley

14. Planxty Sudley

6 Easy Pieces, Op. 155

15. No. 1. Minuet
16. No. 2. Morris Dance
17. No. 3. Scherzino
18. No. 4. Arietta con variazioni
19. No. 5. Gavotte
20. No. 6. Bourée

Violin Sonata No. 2 in A Major, Op. 70

21. I. Allegro comodo
22. II. Adagio molto
23. III. Prestissimo
24. IV. Allegretto - Animato

There have been, in the last 20 years or so, a number of recordings of Stanford’s music for violin and piano. Susanne Stanzeleit and Gusztáv Fenyo˝ produced a fine recording of the First Violin Sonata in 1994 (together with works by Bantock and Dunhill – Cala United, 7/96) which was reissued on Regis in 2011. Paul Barritt and Catherine Edwards (piano) recorded both violin sonatas, the ‘Caoine’ from the Six Irish Fantasies, Op 54, and the Five Characteristic Pieces, Op 93, in 1997 99 (Hyperion, 7/99), now available at budget-price, while Lucy Gould and Benjamin Frith have recorded the Legend and two movements, the ‘Jig’ and ‘Hush Song’, from the Irish Fantasies (Naxos, A/11). This is the first time, however, that all of Stanford’s works for the combination have been issued on a set of three thoughtfully organised CDs, by the Sheva Collection label with an Italian violinist and an English pianist.

Alberto Bologni and Christopher Howell give spirited readings of the two solo sonatas, which are strategically placed on the first and third CDs respectively. The first movement of the Op 11 First Sonata in D has an infectious momentum and, in the imaginative variation structure of the second movement, a pleasing character and sense of contrast. In the longer Op 70 Second Sonata in A, both performers respond to the richer and more lyrical demands of the score, Bologni with a fuller, passionate tone, Howells in the more opulent piano part.

Though the two sonatas are strong works, I am nevertheless especially drawn in this recording to the wealth of miniatures, many of them recorded here for the first time. It is particularly nice, for example, to hear the familiar Intermezzos, Op 13, so beloved of clarinettists, in the violin adaptation which the composer sanctioned, and well it sounds. The rather Celtic Legend has much fine music, as does the euphonious and somewhat melancholy Album-leaf. The Six Irish Fantasies, Op 54, here complete for the first time, reveal much fertile invention in an Irish idiom, not least the quirky ‘Boat Song’, the ‘Jig’ as a miniature variation form and the sonorous lullaby of the ‘Hush Song’ (a real gem for muted violin), though Gould’s interpretation has, marginally, a greater sense of yearning. The Op 89 arrangements of three of the imaginative Irish Dances are great fun (not least Bologni’s gossamer artificial harmonics in the ‘Leprechaun’s Dance’) and take on a new character from their original piano version. It is also surely time that the Five Characteristic Pieces, Op 94, such beautifully crafted and by no means insubstantial movements, were better known.

All the smaller violin works written between 1918 and 1923, which tell a story of Stanford’s need to earn money through the amateur market (he was hard up both during and after the war), are first recordings. Many of them are highly attractive, as are the unpublished Ancient Melody and Planxty Sudley. In toto, therefore, these three CDs provide a more than satisfying summation of Stanford’s creative output for an idiom in which he excelled. Highly recommended.

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